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Our product.

A little bit about our product…

Our product is as clean and organic as it can get – originally originating from Lesotho, it is safe for both humans AND PETS! 

Our Zoopharmacognotist/healer has had many success cases and feedback from the four-legged clients and thus, some of the oil has been specifically tailored to the needs of pets and humans. Our oils come in high and low THC and is dosed in strengths – 200mg, 500mg and 1000mg. 

We would say that the business has been more pet healing orientated – due to the fact that the healer is a certified animal behaviourist, an accredited animal nutritionist, a licenced Zoopharmacognotist and almost an animal neuro-scientist (one more year left of studies!) so the passion definitely lies with the furry four legged species. 

That doesn’t stop us from helping humans though!

Our human client base is growing month on month and they too, are incredibly happy with the results of the product. 

Our oils are based with Grapeseed oil and our lotions are Shea Butter based. 

We look forward to healing you – and your furkids! 

(10% of profits go to an animal welfare organisation monthly.)